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About us

Our philosophy

Mandala Travel is a young tourism company based in Porto that provides tours and transfers services. Our philosophy is to draw your attention to the most authentic impression of nature and lifestyles -off the beaten track. We love spirits and traditions combined with inspiring ideas in travelling. Managed and brought to you by its owners, Julia and Diogo, Mandala Travel takes only small groups of guests on detailed routes around the north of Portugal straight into the heart of the Portuguese culture, rural landscapes and untouched scenarios.

The word “Mandala” stands for “circle” and can be a model for all kinds of structures in life: circles of nature, friends and communities.

We are our project, connecting people to people, visitors and locals in a heartening way. Additional to our full travel services we offer logistics for events and workshops in cooperation with local and international partners.

Find your Portuguese inspiration with us!

Why we do it

We are convinced that everyone is looking for something different in their holidays. The motives we are travelling are variegated. One thing combines us all in visiting new places: we want to make a difference. We are stepping out of our comfort zone and professional life, to spent our time valuable to explore new things. Let´s feed this travel spirit!

What we do

With our Tours you will come back with a new experience or even a different picture of Portugal than you expected. Plus, being on Tour with us, will directly help to support small rural businesses, traditions and locals, aside from the average tourism tracks.

Conscious tours and “sustainable”! It’s a bit antagonistic, because driving a car, spending gasoline, it is not sustainable but, since there is no other way to do it, we want to do it with consciousness. For example, bear in mind the people of the land, including the locals, small wine producers, small restaurants and getting a more clear conscience, knowing that contributes to help a family and not a CEO of a mega company.

Mandala Travel wants to make a mark with the satisfaction of each costumer and providing the social, cultural and traditional heritage by connecting the visitors and locals in an encouraging way.

What we stand for

We are our project, connecting people to people and land, showing you the country how we see it and the way that we feel it. To show this country with our own eyes and the way that we feel it. We like the contact with people and enjoyed this project. These “tours” are not “tours” but “rides/trips” as the Portuguese family car rides in the late 80’s/90.

Connecting everyone in our beautiful country: that´s what Mandala Travel stands for. We are continuously looking for a new adventure and far off places so that our visitors go home happily and with the real Portugal in mind. We are proud when we can give them a feeling that they belong to the Portuguese family.


Soajo Normadis
Oporto City Flats
Museu do Douro
Quinta do Infantado