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Discover the beauty of the Douro River from a different point of view – sail away with a private yacht and enjoy a historical cruise along the famous bridges of Porto´s center and the panoramic ocean view into the sunset!

Tour includes:

  • All taxes, fees and handling charges
  • Fuel surcharge
  • Glass of Port Wine
  • Professional skipper

This unforgettable experience in the UNESCO World Heritage Region includes a cruise in Pinhão (one hour navigation), a unique wine farm tour and, of course, Port Wine tastings. With us, you will discover the secrets of the valley through the eyes of a local.

Tour includes:

  • Pinhão boat trip (one hour)
  • Guided Tour on the Port Wine Farm
  • Wine tasting: 6 different Ports

It is one of the last unexplored treasures in Europe with pure nature, wildlife and astonishing views. We’ll take you on a guided hike in the National Park followed by a traditional Portuguese lunch and a visit to the village. You will have the chance to enjoy the afternoon at a river-lagoon where you can dive into the crystal clear water.

Tour includes:

  • River Lagoons
  • Guided hike by a local
  • Village visit

Aveiro is a charming village on the south west coast, also called the Venice of Portugal renowned by its canals navigated by colorful slim boats. Enjoy a local guided city tour and take a boat ride around the town canals. Discover the local products by visiting the salt lagoons and explore Portuguese traditions at Costa Nova while having a coffee on the beach and breathe the ocean breeze.

Tour includes:

  • Costa Nova Excursion
  • Local guided city tour
  • Salt lagoon visit

The North of Portugal is a green paradise full of forests, rivers and biodiversity. Learn more about the Portuguese cultural heritage at the Brejoeira Palace and taste the local Vinho Verde Wine “Alvarinho”. Enjoy a proper lunch in Monção, where you are just a stone throw away from Spain. In the afternoon, we also visit Viana do Castelo’s old city center including the panoramic view of Mount St. Luzia.

Tour includes:

  • Entrance and guided visit to the Brejoeira Palace
  • Visit the cities: Monção and Viana do Castelo
  • Wine tasting: 6 different Ports

Meet the fishermen´s community and get to know Porto’s beaches: Angeiras, Leça and Matosinhos. Breathe the ocean breeze or dive in the surf culture. Take your time while you appreciate the famous jellyfish sculpture. A 20 ton steel installation that pays tribute to the fishing tradition in the region. We bring you to the secret spots, where only locals go to eat. Enjoy a tasteful fish meal, It’s always fresh!

Tour includes:

  • Several stops to take pictures
  • Van tour along the coast
  • Free WiFi and water in the van

Porto Walking Tour with your private local guide. Don’t expect to get to know about the dates of the churches or the name of the guys at the statues, you will have an overview of the city where we will take you to the narrow streets and to the local spots, out of the tourist´s tracks. A fun and personal walk through the town, where you will see the must-see attractions and insider’s hidden favourites. Be a local!

Tour includes:

  • Traditional lunch
  • Guided walk by a local
  • Village visit

Discover two of the oldest cities of Portugal. Starting in Guimarães, considered world heritage site by Unesco, and the cradle of the nation. A rich and historical city where you can find the castle that accomodated the counts of Portugal during the 10th and 11th century, the palace of the duques of Braganca of the 15th century and a beautiful walk in the historical city center. Followed by Braga, a religious city with more than 2000 years of history, where you will find Portugal’s oldest cathedral and two beautiful sanctuaries.

Tour includes:

  • Fully Equipped car
  • Guide
  • Trip expenses
  • Local pastry
  • Guimarães Castle and Palace Tickets
  • Braga Cathedral Ticket

Visit Porto, one of the oldest cities of Portugal. The history of the unvanquished city dates back to 868, and is the hometown of TouchTours. We would be delighted to welcome you in this historical city with 100% local guides.

Tour includes:

  • Fully Equipped car
  • Guide
  • Trip expenses
  • Local pastry
  • Port Wine Cellars Visit and tastings
  • Six Bridges river cruise

The capital of Galicia is the 3rd biggest site of pilgrimage in the world, visited by more than 250.000 people a year. The beautiful cathedral dates to the 11th century and the Ways of Santiago are world heritage site by Unesco. Come and discover the city of the apostle and its history!
Viana has a big sea tradition, being one of the most beautiful cities of northern Portugal. It always had great importance throughout the history of the country, specially during the discovery era and for cod fishing. Discover the world heritage palaces, convents, churches and the fountains that are definitely worh a visit.

Tour includes:

  • Fully Equipped car
  • Guide
  • Trip expenses
  • Local pastry

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This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions between Mandala Travel, Lda. and users who use our services to purchase transfers and tours. You must read this agreement before booking a service. Book a service constitutes an agreement to all terms and conditions in this agreement and you warrant that you understand, agree to and accept all terms and conditions contained here.

All registrations must take place before the date of the service. Reservations made by phone or e-mail will be only considered after proof of deposit of 50% of the price.
Until then it will be in a pre-reservation state that ends 24h prior of tour. Please write us an e-mail to mandala-travel@outlook.com with the following informations:

Full name
Tour name
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Telephone contact or best way to be contacted
Any and all information requested by Mandala Travel necessary for the successful completion of the requested service.

You will receive feed-back from Mandala Travel that your booking is possible.
Reservations must be made up to 48 hours before the start of the tour date.

The minimum number of people to book the tour is two.

You may seek the services of a Mandala Travel through the use of the Flyers and FBPage. Once a company has accepted your request for service and your payment has been processed, there is a binding contract between You and Mandala Travel.

If a tour is booked by a free-sale operator but not be possible to perform by Mandala Travel (overbooking or minimum persons not met), Mandala Travel will present always an alternative. In case the client does not want or not have the possibility to take another tour and / or in another date, client will get 100% refund.

When making the reservation of a tour, it will become effective after the payment of 50% of the total price of the reservation, via electronic payment (bank transfer). The remaining 50% must be paid to the driver at the beginning of the tour in cash.
Mandala Travel bank account:
Caixa Geral de Depósitos (Portugal)
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In case the holder´s name of the bank account diverses from the contractor, please inform us.

Mandala Travel, Lda. is a travel & tourism agency, tax file n.° NIF513915907,
located in Porto (Matosinhos), at Avenida Calouste Gulbenkian, N.1499 3esq., 4460027 PORTO Senhora da Hora, legally entitled by the Portuguese Government body Turismo de Portugal, I. P. with the license n.° RNVAT 6285.
Mandala Travel is insured in accordance with the European legislation and Tourism of Portugal, by an insurance company, with Policy No. RC63566917.
For the realization of the services, Mandala Travel may use the services of partner companies duly qualified to do so and hereinafter designated as suppliers.

The prices are based on, amongst other factors, the services costs, insurance, tolls, fees, taxes, entrances, meals, etc. The price also includes VAT. Mandala Travel reserves the right to change the service prices due to variations in the service costs or other factors not attributable to the company. When a price change is applicable, the client is informed and has the choice to continue with the service at the new price or to cancel his registration. When the client decides to cancel due to a price change, any monies already received are reimbursed.

The tour prices do not include transportation to hotels 8km far away from Porto´s city centre or personal expenses and accommodation, 10 to 25% added to pick-ups outside Porto.

Mandala Travel provides seats for children up to 13 years of age, reservation in advance must be made 48 hours before.
If the number of people is greater than 8, contact by email needs to be made for a clearer understanding of the tour.

Discounts: the following discount policy prices for advance group bookings will be applied:
10% discount for groups (minimum of 5 adults) with advance reservations of 8 days. 50% payment of the booking must be made within 8 days prior to the tour, via electronic payment (bank account transfer), with the remaining 50% being paid to the guide at the beginning of the tour.

Any cancellation by you must be initiated by e-mail to mandala-travel@outlook.com. We will acknowledge your cancellation by email. The date on which the request to cancel is received by Mandala Travel will determine the refund due as follows:
If you cancel after the 2 days deadline, there will be no refund!
You are strongly encouraged to obtain cancellation insurance. In certain circumstances, this will cover the cost of cancellation. In some cases, Mandala Travel may cancel a tour due to weather or other circumstance.

If the activity is adjourned or cancelled for some reason not attributable to Mandala Travel, the customer may choose between the reimbursements of the overall service value or change his registration to another service with an equivalent price.
If the other activity’s price is higher or lower than the first, the customer may receive the reimbursement or pay the difference, respectively. If a new date is proposed to the service, the customer can choose to whether or not to join the service and a reimbursement.

If the number of participants doesn´t reach the minimum indicated in the service´s program, Mandala Travel can maintain the activity with a reduced number of participants by the payment of a supplement.
Failure to attend a service will be considered as cancellation by the client and will lead to the loss of the overall amount paid, without reason to complaint.

Delays of 15 minutes or more after the established start time for the services are considered as absence.

No refunds due to equipment (minivan) breakdown or mechanical failure.

The participants must always follow the drivers directions and respect his decisions because the driver knows the places and the courses better than anyone else in the group, and his priority is the safety of every participants in the group. Our priority is safety. Our aim is that everybody enjoys the routes; however, everyone must take into account that his/her behaviour cannot hinder the safety and enjoyment of the entire group.

All the services prepared by Mandala Travel are covered under Personal Accident Insurance.

All insurances are in accordance with Portuguese law.

Mandala Travel services are covered under civil responsibility insurance up to a value 75.000 €.

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Passengers are reminded that they should remain in their seats while van is in motion for their safety. Mandala Travel is not responsible for any item left on the bus and will be under no obligation or liability for delays occurring from city traffic.

All luggage will be transported at the expense and risk of the contractor without Mandala Travel and / or its suppliers being required to account for the loss, theft, loss or damage that they may suffer during the journey, for any reason whatsoever. It is advisable that contractors be present in all loading, handling and unloading of luggage.

Any client image taken during our services can be used by the company without any cost or duty paid to the client, in order to illustrate the company’s publicity and promotional material such as catalogues and slides on the Internet.

Mandala Travel is committed to ensuring the privacy of the information you give us. E-mails adresses can be used for marketing proposes.

Mandala Travel is a fully online booking service and therefore does not offer the same services via telephone. However, we provide client service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via e-mail at mandala-travel@outlook.com to answer questions about reservations. Our goal is to answer all questions received within 12-24 hours. Sometimes, the answer may take up to 48 hours.

Mandala Travel offers fully qualified tours and transfers to welcome you in three languages (Portuguese, Spanish and English) with extensive knowledge of the places where the tours take place. The contractor should communicate and/or claim any possible failure that arises during the contracted service within 30 days.