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Minho Verde Tour

The North of Portugal is a green paradise full of forests, rivers and biodiversity. Learn more about the Portuguese cultural heritage at the Brejoeira Palace and taste the local Vinho Verde Wine “Alvarinho”. Enjoy a proper lunch in Monção, where you are just a stone throw away from Spain. In the afternoon, we also visit Viana do Castelo’s old city centre including the panoramic view of Mount St. Luzia.

  • Duration: 10 - 12 hours
  • Price: 119€
Included in the tour:
  • Entrance and guided visit to the Brejoeira Palace
  • Winetasting of Alvarinho
  • Visit the cities: Monção and Viana do Castelo
  • Panoramic viewpoint St. Luzia

The Tour

The back-country of North Portugal stand for intact nature and original villages, like you would never find them in an average traveler’s guide. Dive into a breathtaking world of flora and fauna of the protected area of Corno de Bico and the foothills of the National Park Peneda-Geres. Your personal guide will show you the best and most interesting sights alonge the way.

Our daytrip alonge the riverside and the spanish cost, passes the village Vila Nova de Cerveira und brings you to the top of the gentle highlands of the nature reservoir after a one hour drive. A guided tour of the Palácio da Brejoeira with its wide gardens and wineries is an absolute insider tip. The following wine tasting of the Alvarinho, one of the northern Vinho Verdes, completes this historical excusion.

The region is especially famous for its good and solid kitchen and the famous wines. Explore this as you try our selected local restaurant and get a taste of the real northern Portugal. A proper lunch will be served in medieval Monção.

In the afternoon, our tour takes us to Viana do Castelo a must-see city with a seaport, little shops and cute bakeries, that serve the famous pastry, called bolas de berlim. Discover the view of Mount St. Luzia, where you can catch your 360° panoramic picture of the North of Portugal.

Other tours

Meet the fishermen´s community and get to know Porto’s beaches: Angeiras, Leça and Matosinhos. Breathe the ocean breeze or dive in the surf culture. Take your time while you appreciate the famous jellyfish sculpture. A 20 ton steel installation that pays tribute to the fishing tradition in the region. We bring you to the secret spots, where only locals go to eat. Enjoy a tasteful fish meal, It’s always fresh!

It is one of the last unexplored treasures in Europe with pure nature, wildlife and astonishing views. We’ll take you on a guided hike in the National Park followed by a traditional Portuguese lunch and a visit to the village. 

This unforgettable experience in the UNESCO World Heritage Region includes a visit to the Douro Wine Museum, a unique wine farm tour and, of course, Port Wine  tastings. With us, you will discover the secrets of the valley through the eyes of a local.