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Porto Local Beach Tour

Meet the fishermen´s community outside Porto´s city life and discover the northern Portuguese roots while getting a tan. You visit the beaches: Matosinhos – where you can pictures the famous jellyfish sculpture. Although Leça – famous for its amazing waves and Angeiras. Enjoy an unforgettable lunch or dinner in a local fish restaurant.

  • Duration: 4 - 5 hours
  • Price: 55€
Included in the tour:
  • Several stops to take pictures
  • Van tour along the coast
  • Free WiFi and water in the van
  • Transport pick up

The Tour

The sea life identifies the Portuguese folk, beginning from historical paths until the fancy beach we see today. We are starting our tour with the overview of the sea and beaches around Porto.

You will get a better understanding on how the Portuguese folk became such a strong maritime nation and is until today deeply connected with the ocean. Our route takes you to maritime beach with its famous fishnet and cozy cafes  along the pier. Enjoy the beautiful water view with a coffee and watch the surfers playing the waves. In case you get interested: surf classes can be easily arranged for you, please ask us in advance!

Further on the ride goes straight through the harbor, along the big ocean liner, to Leça, a wide beach in the northwest of Porto. As you get away from the city hustle, you will explore that life takes part in small villages, like Angeira. We recommend, you enjoy a tasteful fish meal in one of the insider local restaurants.

Other tours

This unforgettable experience in the UNESCO World Heritage Region includes a visit to the Douro Wine Museum, a unique wine farm tour and, of course, Port Wine  tastings. With us, you will discover the secrets of the valley through the eyes of a local.

It is one of the last unexplored treasures in Europe with pure nature, wildlife and astonishing views. We’ll take you on a guided hike in the National Park followed by a traditional Portuguese lunch and a visit to the village. You will have the chance to enjoy the afternoon at a river-lagoon where you can dive into the crystal clear water.

Aveiro is a charming village on the south west coast, also called the Venice of Portugal renowned by its canals navigated by colorful slim boats. Enjoy a local guided city tour and take a boat ride around the town canals. Discover the local products by visiting the salt lagoons and explore Portuguese traditions at Costa Nova while having a coffee on the beach and breathe the ocean breeze.