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Santiago de Compostela and Viana do Castelo

Santiago de Compostela

The capital of Galicia is the 3rd biggest site of pilgrimage in the world, visited by more than 250.000 people a year. The beautiful cathedral dates to the 11th century and the Ways of Santiago are world heritage site by Unesco. Come and discover the city of the apostle and its history!

  • Cathedral
  • Free-time to visit the City
  • Historical Centre
Viana do Castelo

Viana has a big sea tradition, being one of the most beautiful cities of northern Portugal. It always had great importance throughout the history of the country, specially during the discovery era and for cod fishing. Discover the world heritage palaces, convents, churches and the fountains that are definitely worh a visit.

  • Santa Luzia Santuary
  • Historical Centre
  • Price: 105€
  • Fully Equipped Car
  • Guide
  • Trip Expenses
  • Local Pastry

* Personal expenses not included

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